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What Is YOUR Liability?

Two Guys talking over blueprints


How much of your time is wasted looking at sub-standard firestopping?

Do you have an inspection checklist that you use?

Do you know what red flags to look for?

Do you know the secrets to destructive and non-destructive testing?

Do you know the proper channels of communication?

Do you know the latest Building and Fire Code Updates?

Building on Fire Showing Need for Firestopping

Building Owners

How confident are you that your fire barriers will stand up in a fire?

What documentation do you require?

Are you using certified and qualified specialty contractors?

How do you manage renovations and upgrades?

What kind of barrier management program do you use?

How do you handle regulatory compliance?

Firestopping of Electrical Conduit

Construction Managers

Firestopping: Are you getting what you are paying for?

Are you using tested firestop systems?

How do you effectively coordinate installations?

Are you using certified and qualified installers and contractors?

Do you know the secrets to saving time and money?

Do you require third-party firestop inspections?