Specified Technologies Inc.

Course Outlines

Specified Technologies FIT I™ and FIT II™ Levels

The course material is the same, whether you elect the advanced training or train the trainer option.
Our courses are certified in the states of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Colorado and Oregon.

Day One: Classroom Session

  1. Physics of fire
  2. Containment in construction
  3. History of Firestop
  4. How Firestop works
  5. How Firestop is tested
  6. Lunch
  7. Where Firestop is required
  8. Myths about Firestop
  9. Product selection
  10. Installation

Day Two: Hands on Lab

  1. UL® System approach
  2. UL® System group exercise
  3. Inspecting for Compliance
  4. Lunch
  5. Exam
  6. Hands-on-Lab
UL® is a registered trademark of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.


This basic competency course is a 3-4 hour, in-service training and includes an exam. Certificates are issued for those who pass, which expire every two years. This course is excellent for designers, installers, code compliance officers and anyone seeking a basic understanding of firestopping.

  • Competency-Based Program
  • Certificates and Wallet ID Cards For Those Who Pass the Exam
  • Offers Renewable Certification
  • Is Non-Propietary to Specific Brands
  • Teaches the UL System Approach
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Available From:
    • Wisconsin Department of Commerce, Safety & Building Division, Course ID #6780
    • American Institute of Architects


This Level II class is registered with the American Institute of Architects for 15 Learning Units (LU's). This program addresses issues concerning Health, Safety, or Welfare of the Public. There will be a sign in sheet at each training for your convenience and we will submit your LU's for you.

In addition, the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, Safety & Buildings Division (Course ID #6781) offers continuing education credit (CEUs) for Firestop Instructional Training, Level II.

This course is also recognized for CEC's with BICSI. The Level II program qualifies for BICSI CEC's for RCDD, LAN Specialists, OSP Specialist, Residential and/or Installation. The course offers RCDD and Inst 14 CEC's.

The Level II program is designed to develop resident firestop experts who can return home and inspect the completed work of others for compliance. Tuition covers attending both days of training. This competency-based course is taught at a two-day workshop, including a day of classroom instruction and a half-day, hands-on lab.